DIY–Don’t get Rid of Tarnished Gold Jewelry, Spray Paint it Instead!

Know what I hate about gold jewelry? Scratch that. Know what I hate about fun completely affordable faux-gold jewelry? It doesn’t stay gold for long. I’ve seen tons of DIY’s showing ways to transform worn jewelry into other things but usually that involves slapping some beads onto it and…well, ick. Unless you consider pearls a bead, I’m not a bead person, I’m a gold person. On a whim, during a recent trip to Michaels, when I spotted a can of Design Masters 24KT Pure Gold, I thought since my favorite faux-gold gems are too dull to wear anyways, I may as well see what a little spray paint can do. Yay, I couldn’t be happier! Here’s what you need to transform your faux worn gold jewelry into pieces that look as good as new:

  • 1 Can Design Masters 24KT Pure Gold Spray Paint ($7.49 at Michaels, but I always use their little 40% off coupon via their app…soooo…really, $4.49)
  • Toothbrush (this will help delicately move and separate multiple chains on necklaces, or help, “paint” areas that contain spots that cannot have spray paint applied, such as on one of my pieces below.
  • Cardboard Box – you can hang your necklaces or longer pieces from the top to evenly spray, and lay your rings or smaller pieces flat. Either way, it creates a surface you can go wild in.

Before and after of just a couple of the pieces I did:

This is such a an easy way to refinish gold jewelry or tarnished fake gold. 
Yay!! I’m going to feel like a have a whole new jewelry wardrobe this week!


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