Just because it Zips, Doesn’t Mean it Fits (and other Style Myths)

I had a thought the other day in the dressing room at my local Marshall’s: women need help getting dressed. As a whole, we do a pretty good job of “coordinating” outfits. You know, they usually match. However, “matching” doesn’t equate to a well put-together look. And, sorry ladies, neither does the ability get a garment zipped, snapped or buttoned.

On this particular day, in this particular dressing room, two women, I’m assuming friends, were soliciting help from each other regarding the clothes they were considering, “What about this? Does this look ok?”, etc., etc., etc. While I have no problem with asking friends opinions on things, I’ve figured something out – they lie. They either a) don’t want to hurt your feelings, or b) don’t really know why something doesn’t look right when a) it matches and b) it zips or buttons, so they just tell you what they think you want to hear.

Since I thought it might be a little rude for me to actually tell these poor women that what they were trying on was a monstrosity and that, although I’m sure unintentional, they were leading each other astray, I thought it would better serve me to post a few myths, and why they’re not necessarily true, all while keeping my fingers crossed the poor women in the dressing room read this post.

Myth: It matches, it must look good.
Reality: Looking good has less to do with colors and more to do with clothes correctly fitting a lady’s particular shape.

Myth: It zips, it fits!
Reality: While yes, this is partially true, “fitting” doesn’t mean a garment “fits.” This might be a hard concept to grasp, so when trying things on, really ask yourself if the piece, flatters your shape. For example, those of you with ample cleavage, may be ecstatic that a dress zips over your chest, while ignoring the fact that there is so much visible cleavage you look like you should be working a corner instead of working a room. In this case, zipping doesn’t equate to fitting.

Myth: I love this trend; of course it looks good on me!
Reality: Once again ladies, know your body. For example, I loved the peplum trend that took off a couple of years ago. So modern-retro-ladylike. The problem? My J. Lo booty looked ridiculously disproportionate in most of the peplum styles I tried on. That should be common sense; adding a ruffle, (i.e. more fabric, extra bulk) to the largest part of your body isn’t going to slim anything. I knew I would eventually find something that flattered my particular shape, and I did. An adorable tweed strapless dress where the peplum part sat higher on my waist, keeping my curves proportionate.

Myth: I only look good in… Or…I don’t do….
Reality: None of us ONLY look good in one thing which is why I hate hearing people say this. Take a chance and try something on! Isn’t it boring to dress the same day after day after day after day? Used to pants? Grab a skirt. Only wear wide legs? Try a skinny jean. Not sure how to put something together? Thumb through a magazine and find an outfit you really like. Use that as a guideline for putting your own pieces together.

Hopefully that helps, but still in doubt? Send me an email for fashion advice personalized to your needs: Laura@24-7style.com


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