Pens Just as Stylish as the Lady Writing with Them!

Call me crazy, but I’m under the belief that even the smallest of accessories should be just as fabulous as the lady carrying them. Like pens. Why carry such boring pieces, when options like these exist?

Stylish Pens, rhinestone pens, pens with bling

  • Vera Bradley Gel Pen Set (left), $8 – My inspiration for this post was this set as I actually have them. Each writes in a unique, chic color making them an affordable option or perfect gift.
  • Schoolio Rhinestone Pen (top), $2.99 – At this price, stock up! A 1mm black tip has never looked better!
  • Jimmy Crystal Gold Crystal Pen (bottom), $152.50 – Because who doesn’t need a $150 pen? It is handmade with Swarovski Crystals, and I’m assuming writes in 24k gold, but even if it doesn’t, this pen is so pretty, I’d rock a pen-pocket just so it wouldn’t have to hide in my bag.



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