Ready to Upgrade? Why I choose to Go through Best Buy

Have you ever stopped to think, “How did we live 15-20 years ago?,” you know, before cell phones.  Amazing isn’t it? These once little luxuries have now become necessities and provide us with not just easy ways to communicate, but entertainment options beyond belief. 10 years ago, had someone mentioned an app, we wouldn’t have had a clue what they were referring to.

But this is 2014, and everyone has a cell phone, likely a smartphone. Which brings me to my point. While many times, people take to the internet to tell you how terrible a store, or service, or whatever is, I’m not that person. I like tell you where I received incredible service or deals, and in this case, it’s Best Buy. I’ve gotten my phones from them for quite some time, not because I had bad service at my local AT&T store, but because I felt like their prices were borderline ree-dic. Call me crazy, but I do think I should be rewarded for being a loyal customer, and maybe two or three “upgrades” ago, I realized I would get a much better deal by purchasing through Best Buy. So, I did. And two years ago, when I upgraded, I decided to get their insurance, or Geek Squad Protection, for an additional $9.99/month. I had never had any problems with my phones, never dropped one in a bucket of water, never shattered a screen…in other words, I had been playing with fire for a little too long and I was fearing I might soon be burned.

Geek Squad Protection allows you to make three claims per two-year agreement for just about anything – normal wear and tear, accidental damage or even damage caused by a power surge. It also comes with a Trade-In Plan which encourages users to keep their phones in tip-top condition, because when their contract expires and they upgrade, they get an extra trade-in incentive. Essentially, you get a gift card for the trade-in value of your phone. In this case, my trade-in paid for my new Galaxy S4 (yes, I’m a Galaxy girl and after comparing, I’m not sure why anyone would ever opt for a iPhone, but that’s a post for another day), plus, I still have nearly $70 left on the gift card. Eek!

And, just as my instinct led me to believe…I did need the Geek Squad Protection before I was eligible to upgrade. Instead of paying face value for a replacement (like $750), which I would have had to do, I instead got a new phone (same model) no questions asked.

To be fair, AT&T does now have a Trade-In program that seems to work similar to Best Buy. AT&T insurance is $6.99/month, HOWEVER, if you want to take advantage of it, you will have to pay $50, $125 or $199 deductible depending on your phone, each time you have to use your insurance. It’s still better than paying for a brand new phone, but, in my opinion, that’s pretty expensive. You could probably find a replacement for much less on eBay and transfer everything yourself.

So for what it’s worth there’s my two cents…and now…I’m off to figure out all of my new features!


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