DIY Sequin Knee-Patch Leggings!

I am such a legging person…with boots, cute sneakers, heels or flats, they are an essential for any wardrobe. However, of all my nearly bajillion plain black ones that I own, there isn’t one that stands out, so I’ve been thinking about ways to differentiate them a little; and already embellished ones are ridiculously over-priced. Instead, I came up with this DIY for sequin knee patches. The end result turned out super cute and inexpensive as well.

Materials and cost:

  • Hotsox Leggings, $9.99, Marshalls
  • ¼ yard black sequin fabric, $1.50, Hobby Lobby
    • will not need nearly that much fabric for this project, I wanted extra for other things
  • Heat n Bond Ultrahold Iron-On Adhesive, $2.99 (or $1.79, see below), Hobby Lobby
    • download the Hobby Lobby app and use the 40% off coupon
    • this is also way more than you will need for one project.
  • Iron
  • Total Spent: $13.28
  • Total Time: around an hour


1. Start by making an oval pattern. If you have one on hand great, but I didn’t. Instead, I opened a Word document, clicked on “Insert” and then “Shapes.” Under “Basic Shapes,” there is an oval. Select it and draw your oval. Don’t worry if it’s perfect; once it’s drawn, the “Drawing Tools, Format” should default (if it doesn’t, double click your oval). On the upper right hand side, you will see the size options. I used 5” x 4”, but play around with it until you find the size you like. Print it; mine defaulted to blue and I didn’t want to waste ink, so I used a white fill and black outline. Viola, there is your oval pattern.

2. Follow the instructions per the packaging for bonding the adhesive to your sequin material with your iron. Once the adhesive is on, trace and cut your two knee patches. After cutting, you can pull away the paper backing.

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3. Allow the fabric to cool while you prepare your leggings. It seems like we should just be able to iron the patches onto our knees, but it isn’t quite that simple. First we need to make sure we’re ironing them on the correct place. I tried mine on, dotted the approximate center of each knee cap with a metallic Sharpie, and then used a tape measure to make it exact.

4. Even though we may know where we want them placed, we’re still not done prepping the leggings. Because the leggings will stretch as we dress, bend or even walk, you will have to “stretch” the fabric when applying. Otherwise, when your leggings stretch, the sequin fabric will pull away. There are probably multiple ways to do this, but I cut out a piece of cardboard from a box to 3x the width of my leggings (the knee area) when I didn’t have them on. Your sequins may look wrinkled when finished, but once you’re wearing the garment, they’ll look exactly like you want them too.

5. Place the cardboard into the correct area.

6. Use the iron to “press” on the patches; meaning, lay the iron flat and press onto material, holding for approximately 8 seconds. I did place a dry lightweight washcloth between the iron and my sequin material so I wouldn’t damage the sequins. **Don’t mind the old iron. I don’t even know where I got it, but unless it breaks, I figure I don’t need to spend money on a new one!

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Allow to cool before wearing. I did notice a small spot I had missed when pressing the sequins onto my leggings and went back to iron on again after wearing. So far it seems to hold. This particular adhesive is washable, but I’ll probably hand wash just to protect the sequins.

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Now to figure out how to use the rest of my sequin material!


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