Is Style too Much Effort Or have Women Just Given UP?

OOTD, cute casual outfit, sequin leggings, denim jackets for springIt dawned on me today that my idea of “normal” in regards to style is completely different than others. I think I knew this a long time ago actually – in the 8th grade when I first donned black lace leggings, studded flats, and an off-white knit top with a long peplum to cover the derrière. I was completely confident in the adorableness of the outfit. But, it also got a few looks – guys had no problem complimenting me on it, girls on the other hand rolled their eyes. Me? Shoulder shrug.

Today, I felt like I was in 8th grade again when I unexpectedly needed to meet my brother and stopped along the way at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. My outfit included my DIY sequin knee-patch leggings, leg warmers, wedge booties, a tee and denim jacket. Nothing over-the-top or even an outfit I would necessarily write about, but I would say it was very “casual-me.” The gas station also held two fast-food restaurants (it was a small town, so around lunch time, the place was hopping). But when I walked in, it was junior-high deja vu. People literally stopped what they were doing to stare. At first, I thought it was the salt stains on my boots (gasp), but then I just realized it was my style. I had entered a gas station where sadly, pajama pants and oversized shirts would have garnered less attention than my outfit. 

It might be sad, but it’s true. Other people kind of make outfits out of loungewear. Weird. I do give a pass to the occasional college student who just pulled an all-nighter and is at the grocery store buying coffee. Or the new mom. Or the woman you can clearly tell is sicker than a dog and is out to buy some  medicine. But for the rest of us? No excuses. Lounge all you want in your comfy clothes, but when you actually have to socialize, please change out of your pajamas.

And when you do, hold your head high, because you won’t go unnoticed in this style-starved world.


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