Do-It-All Skincare Line Osmosis Receives Patent for Prevention of Cancer

Catalyst Plus SerumCatalyst AC-11Catalyst Serum

We douse ourselves in serums, moisturizers and masks on a daily basis, but now we have access to skincare that doesn’t just treat but  prevent. And by “prevent,” I’m referring to cancer, a disease that spares no one.

Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare was the recent recipient of an official patent for three of their Catalyst products, the first-ever DNA repair serums, now patented as “systems and methods for preventing cancer and treating skin lesions.”

Offering an acceleration in skin rejuvenation and repair due to their recovery of damaged DNA. The serums will also build collagen and elastin in the skin all while improving scarring, skin tags, actinic keratosis (some of which may develop into skin cancer) and other skin disturbances relating to DNA damage. Also using Zinc Finger Technology™ (ZFT) to repair DNA damage, ZFT assists in the production of proteins and antioxidants within each cell. The combination of amino acids and key co-factors improve wound healing, lighten pigmentation, reduce visible capillaries, and stimulate collagen and elastin production through a revolutionary process.

Catalyst Key Benefits & Features:

  • Rebuilds Collagen - Catalyst provides the building blocks needed for perfect collagen formation which then replaces the damaged strands to rejuvenate the skin.
  • Sun Protection - Never before has DNA repair been so effective that it actually prevents UV damage to the skin better than any sunscreen. Catalyst can provide the equivalent to an SPF 14.
  • Pigment Control - By repairing the DNA responsible for hyperpigmented cells, Catalyst restores normal skin tone.
  • Heals Capillaries - Some “broken” capillaries can be “fixed” through zinc finger restoration of the damaged triggers involved.
  • Prevents Scarring - The ability to regulate collagen and improve repair can re-activate scar remodeling.
  • Heals the Skin - You will find a wide variety of imperfections on your skin disappear with repeated applications of Catalyst including skin tags.

Prices range from $90-$100. Purchase online or visit their website to locate an authorized skincare professional near you.


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