Stay Pretty through Summer with these Makeup Tips from Celeb Makeup Artist Josephine Fusco

With summer upon us…supposedly…it’s time to revisit our make-up application habits so we remain stunning and fresh-faced regardless of the temperature. After all, nothing is worse than feeling your make-up drip down your face during a heat wave.

Your Skin But BetterCelebrity and event make-up artist, Josephine Fusco has just the tips we need for when Mother Nature finally graces us all with warm weather:

In summer, it all boils down to this: what can women do to remain fresh-faced in spite of the heat and humidity?

  • Don’t pack on too much moisturizer! A light moisturizer like the Reparative Moisturizer from IS Clinical is great because the texture of it is just enough to balance out and help any dryness. It’s also a great base for makeup and helps restore the DNA in your skin.
  • Instead of full coverage foundation, consider a lighter one. A CC Cream is great and the only one I turn to is Your Skin But Better from IT Cosmetics. It's packed with so many beneficial ingredients and an SPF50+. Those with oily skin can skip moisturizer and use this in its place (learn more about the IT Cosmetics CC Cream by reading this great post on Josephine’s blog).
  • A compact foundation powder is also a great option; the one I always use is Celebration Foundation by IT Cosmetics.  In 30 seconds you can have an airbrushed finish on your skin that helps keep oils at bay and lasts the entire day – it doesn't crease into the skin or look oily!
  • Be sure to use a serum at night that will regenerate all of your skin cells such as IS Clinical Polyvitamin Serum. It will leave your skin refreshed for the morning. This serum is also great for antiaging and what better time to get this onto your skin than the summer? The rays are at an all time high – aging your skin faster than anything else. This serum will help revitalize skin while eliminating oils and get rid of any photodamage. It’s also packed with Vitamins A, B5 and B3, just to name a few!

What do you recommend to help keep make-up in place throughout the day or evening?Lip Bomb 27

To help keep makeup in place I would recommend a setting spray.  I am in love with Urban Decay’s De-Slick Setting Spray. It really keeps your makeup in place and will help control oil during the summer for your entire face. Spray it before your makeup for a great canvas!

What colors and trends should we be on the lookout for this season?

The trend for this season is an orange lip!  I just can’t get enough of this lip color as it’s gorgeous and so great for summer. The runways were filled with orange lips!

My go-to lip gloss is Lip Bomb #27 from the Australian brand Mireness. It's highly pigmented and lasts a very long time. As it fades it turns into a gorgeous stain on the lip.

Other go-to budget-friendly colors are Iman Lipstick in Hot  (amazing lipstick, the texture glides on, doesn't smudge, creamy, and also leaves a gorgeous stain on the lip) and Revlon Lip Balm in Mischievous, offering just the right amount of orange for lips during summer (keep an eye on Josephine’s blog for more info on this particular balm).

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