Accessorized Properly with this Janna Conner Ring

More-so than any other wardrobe component, I only feel properly adorned when donning a ring. While some of my edgier looks are complete with multiple halos, typically, I like one big “pow” of perfection. It may be a flower, bright cocktail, a subtle vintage look, or one I’m currently sporting every other day – this Janna Conner option, featuring a cut stone with stunning flecks of gold. To me those modest flecks are the prettiest part of the ring. So typical. Many times the smallest pieces of anything are what makes it shine the brightest.

Janna Conner Cut Glass Ring

Wires Holding Stone on Janna Conner Ring

Janna Conner Gemstone Ring

A ring that looks good with anything regardless of the season.

Flecks of Gold are Pure Perfection

What are your favorite jewelry items?


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