Beauty Review: Chella Cosmetics Indigo Eyeliner Pen

Sometimes I envy teen girls. No matter how tacky, over-the-top or just downright awful their take on beauty trends are, their age gives them an automatic “Get Out of Jail  Free” card when it comes to trying them. And while the rest of the world looks at them in bewilderment, we also give them a pass, due to their “teenage-ed-ness.”

When I was given the opportunity to review the Chella Cosmetics Indigo Eyeliner Pen, I almost didn’t respond. Indigo? That seemed a little “teenagery,” or worse, like the over-tanned middle aged women I sometimes see wearing blue eyeliner or eyeshadow. Probably in the same shade they had when they graduated…high school. But then I had another thought….when would I ever try a non-black or non-brown eyeliner pen?

Here’s the scoop:

The Good: The super fine tip ensured I didn’t over do it. In other words, it’s really easy to apply exactly the right amount of ink and control the thickness of the line.

The Bad: It was a little bit difficult for me to get even color the first time I applied it. Part of my line was just a little darker or lighter in certain spots. That said, it’s become easier to even out each time I’ve applied since then.

The Best: THE COLOR!!! Not what I was expecting! The deep blue hue brightens eyes and the inky tone somehow is way more neutral than I thought it ever could be.

In addition, Chella Eyeliner Pens (also available in Black) are water-resistant and smudge proof. Because it dries quick there’s no feathering and the patent-pending formula is also free of NANO and Parabens.

Chella Eyeliner Pen in Indigo

Such a perfect option for eyes – like a marker for adults!

Indigo Blue Eye Pen by Chella

The ultra-fine tip makes it easy to control how thin or thick you want your line. It’s also perfect for creating a cateye.

Heartin Indigo Blue

I tried getting a picture of my eye to show the exact color, but it turns out drawing a heart on my hand was much easier!♥

Natural look featuring the Chella Indigo Blue Eyeliner Pen.

Initially (above), I kept the rest of my makeup super natural, but by today, I was pairing my Indigo Eyeliner with my favorite red lipstick.

The Chella Eyeliner Pen ($24) can be purchased at


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**For review purposes, product supplied. Opinions my own.