Kimberly Caldwell: Modern Day Wonder Woman

Kimberly CaldwellWe may have first been introduced to Kimberly Caldwell way back in 2003 as an American Idol favorite, but since then, the blonde bombshell has not only continued to entertain us with her vocal skills, she’s been bitten by the acting-bug and her Stage Presents by Kimberly Caldwell handbags are one of the most amazing edgy, boho-chic lines I’ve seen. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ask Kimberly the below  “pressing” questions regarding her upcoming wedding, fashion, life and more. Be sure to check out her newest single, On the Weekend, a perfect summer anthem and also, my new favorite song to run to!

Congrats on the upcoming nuptials taking place New Year’s Eve! Was a NYE wedding something you always wanted? Thank you! I am soooo excited to be able to celebrate on such a fun holiday! It was never in the plans to have a NYE wedding but my fiancé Jordan Harvey plays Major League Soccer for the Vancouver Whitecaps and their seasons are so long we really only had December to choose from; we knew our family and friends would most likely have the holiday off. We are so pumped!

Have you found “the” dress? Is it a reflection of your edgy fashion sense? I said yes to the dress! It is perfect for me and perfect for the holiday. They say you just know when it's "the one" and they were right. I tried on a ton of dresses and when they zipped this one up I definitely got emotional. I don't want I give it away but it's sexy meets classic glam. 

Speaking of that edginess, how did you “come into your own,” in regards to your style? Oh wow well, I found my hair style and my wardrobe style by taking risks and making a lot of bad mistakes! I look back and cringe but I had to step out of my comfort zone to find my own look. I was born in Texas and lived in Los Angeles and now Vancouver, plus I travel a lot for work so I think I try to get style inspiration from all of my journeys.

What will you be wearing this summer? Maxi dresses! They are so comfy and cute. They are great for transferring from day to night and easy to slip over my bathing suit! 

How did your new handbag line Stage Presents by Kimberly Caldwell develop? I alwaysThe Khitam Custom Leather Travel Backpack wanted my own accessory line but wanted to really be involved in every step so I just taught myself how to sew, and make leather handbags after being inspired by super cool handmade leather finds at flea markets. Now my Stage Presents brand is spreading into other avenues as well. I love the haircare line, Thermafuse, and am in the early stages of working with them to develop my own Stage Presents haircare line, plus I'm opening my own Stage Presents Makeover Studio here in Vancouver. It's going to be a one stop shop for confidence and all Beauty Boosts are performed by me personally! (The above Khitam Custom Leather Travel Backpack is from the handbag line).

In a relatively short amount of time you’ve done a lot - singer, actress, designer – is there one area you enjoy more than another? I thought singing would always be my number one passion, but since I have started really challenging myself in other areas, I have seriously found a lot of fulfillment in helping women find their beauty and just being creative in other aspects. I love mixing it up.

I’m sure days off are few and far between. When you have one, how do you want to spend the downtime? My fiancé and I live on Subset Beach so we love to go for a bike ride and a picnic by the water. I love searching for treasures at flea markets and thrift stores too. Any time spent with my sisters and family is my happy place. 

In the industry you’re in, there are lots of heartaches to go along with celebrations. What have the setbacks, or hard times, taught you? Everything happens for a reason. Period. I just try to keep that in mind when things don't happen as I planned and know that something positive will come out of disappointments.

Kimberly Caldwell in a Minute:

You feel like a rockstar when…I'm on stage doing what I am trained to do my whole life. Perform and entertain.

Top memory from American Idol is…The tour. Epic. Season 2 was the best! 

Fiancé Jordan Harvey proposed how…Wow....he got me good! There is a long story of the scam to actually get me to the proposal spot but I walked into a Laguna Beach suite overlooking the ocean with tons of candles lit, flowers, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries. It was sunset and he played my fave song on guitar and sang "She's Every Woman" by Garth Brooks then popped the question. I screamed, "of course!" It had been four years so we were both ready.

Your musical Inspirations are…Wynona Judd, Melissa Etheridge, Pat Benatar and Garth Brooks. And life.

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