Skin Will be Glowing after one Use of this Organic Facial Oil!

Olie BioliqueIt’s astonishing to think about all of the chemicals that are masquerading as actual ingredients in some of our favorite skin care products. That said, there are some companies out there that only allow the best in their lines. Olìe Biologique is one said line. Their organic oils are free from parabens, artificial fragrances, synthetics and chemical preservatives, as 100% of ingredients are naturally sourced.

One in particular, Huile Radicale 005 Rejuvenating Oil uses a blend of eight organic plant seed oils and floral extracts for an intensive boost in radiance, while skin is quenched and healed. Anti-oxidants, fatty acids and naturally occurring retinoic acid all work together to help preserve elasticity and plump dreaded facial lines all while improving firmness, even reducing brown spots.

I had the pleasure of sampling a bit of this luxurious facial oil, containing organic Camellia Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, and Natural Vitamin E among other organic and natural ingredients. Initially, I perceived the formula as a bit too thick for what I want on my face. However, almost magically, the hydrating Huile Radicale 005, sinks into skin, leaving it glowing. No stickiness. No sitting atop the skin in puddles. The oil is geared for normal to very dry skin types; I consider my skin currently on the normal side of things.

Although Huile Radicale 005 Rejuvenating Oil is a bit pricey ($82) a little really does go a long way. A drop or two is really all you need to quench dehydrated skin as the lux ingredients help combat wrinkles and help give skin a perfect glow. The scent is light, but distinct; I definitely get a rose note, but even after knowing what all of the other ingredients are, I can’t quite place my finger on the combination of scents.

I was very much impressed with Huile Radicale 005 Rejuvenating Oil and without hesitation would recommend it to any one of you. I’m also confident the company’s other products would be equally as good. If summer sun or chlorine is about to make your skin a bit on the dry side, or if your skin is naturally craving moisture, you will adore this Rejuvenating Oil!



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