A less Expensive Alternative to Sunless Tanning Lotion

A less expensive alternative to Jergens Natural Glow comes from mixing regular lotion with self tanning spray.

Temperatures and hemlines have finally risen and although I’ve outgrown the lay-out-in-the-sun stage of life, I can’t deny I love tanned legs. That said, I usually turn to self tanners to help add warmth to skin and have always been a fan of Jergens Natural Glow products. This year, I’ve really been working on “stretching a dollar,” and felt twinges of guilt that a 7.5 oz. ($8.64) bottle of lotion with a hint of self tanner in it, was more than double the price of regular lotion nearly 4x larger. Instead of living with tanned legs and guilt, I thought I’d experiment a little. By mixing everyday Suave lotion with one of my favorite self tanners already on-hand, I achieved the exact same results…actually, I liked my results a little bit better, but maybe it was just my pride at being thrifty!

Banana Boat Sunless Tanning Spray ($6.67) is usually my tanner of choice as I love its natural color. With one squirt of lotion, I sprayed a small amount of the self tanner into my hand and then applied it to my legs like normal. From my time in the lotion aisle, I walked away with a $3.92 32 oz. bottle of Suave (in Cocoa Butter and Shea). Compared to my old method of just the Jergens, I’m saving a fortune and my supply will easily last for 2 months (compared to the 2-3 weeks I’d get with the Jergens Natural Glow).

Besides a less expensive alternative to self tanning lotion, what money-saving beauty tips are you utilizing this season?


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