Book Review: 7 Years Younger Instant Makeover; it’s a Must-Have Ladies!

Woman's Day 7 Years Younger Instant MakeoversWomen reach a point in life when we look in the mirror and see (gasp) the dreaded signs of aging. Fine lines, sun spots and even lackluster hair become the new normal, in place of taut skin, full tresses and endless bounds of energy. Thankfully, the dolls at Woman’s Day are constantly helping us improve with their 7 Years Younger series, including their newest addition, Instant Makeovers. With over 100 mini-makeovers to try, the editors offer anti-aging product advice plus beauty remedies for both fast and long-term fixes. Putting this advice to the test throughout the pages of Instant Makeovers were real women, who volunteered to try suggestions for looking and feeling their best, through beauty treatments, stress reduction, fit tips and a better night’s rest.

I too wanted to try one of these makeovers and while perusing the various chapters, one stood out like a sore-thumb: “Sleep Better Tonight.” In theory, that sounds simple as sleep really can be a cure-all: 1) sleep can help slim you, 2) sleep can keep your skin pretty, and 3) sleep can even make you happier. Even though we know all of that, when it comes to sleep, life seems to always get in the way. With too much to do and overscheduled lives, the one thing we forget to prioritize is the amount of rest we need to maintain balance.

I’m not going to lie, this was a HARD adjustment, but something also stuck out – a recent Jennifer Lopez interview I had read in which she stated she was a stickler for her 8 hours every night. Instead of thinking about how I had too much to do to get to bed any earlier, I instead looked at as if I was channeling my inner J. Lo (I like to do that from time to time anyways).

What I love about this chapter is it doesn’t just preach, “go to bed early,” but clearly states why sleep is so important and how to make it happen. From calculating your prime sleep schedule to tips to ensuring a bedroom that helps soothe you into REM, I particularly paid attention to Mini-Makeover #4 in that chapter, “Fall Asleep (or Back to Sleep) Faster.” Sometimes, (and by sometimes, I mean frequently), I lay down completely exhausted and then that’s it, I’m laying their, completely exhausted but wide awake. I latched on to two tips in particular, counting backward from 300 and counting my blessings. Viola. Instead of worry and restlessness, I have been knocked out for over a week.

The other benefits I’m noticing? I’m so alert! I kind of forgot what that feels like! And I naturally am eating better, drinking my water and wanting to workout more. And of course, we know that leads to feeling and looking even better.
Before and After:

Before Sleep - a fast fix to give yourself a youthful glow? More sleep!
Woman's Day 7 Years Younger Instant Makeovers

It may be hard to tell by a picture whether I’m more or less rested, but to me, these photos speak volumes. During the first shoot (left) I remember telling my friend how tired I was (it was a Saturday, after I’d “slept in”) and that my brain hurt too much to even remember how to smile. One week later we were out shooting again and having so much fun…everything from my styling to just chatting, laughing and posing came so much easier. The only notable difference was the one I received from my sleep experiment.
Whatever you’re longing for, smoother skin, thicker hair, plumper lips or even a hotter body, tricks and tips can all be found in 7 Years Younger! I’m excited to continue to try more…I think the “Refresh your Face” chapter might be put into practice next!


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