DIY: Caviar Nail Heart Art

It’s hard to not be a fan of cute nail art and when I’m feeling especially girly, I like to do a little heart on at least one nail. And when I feel like mixing some edginess with that girly-ness, I of course, add a caviar treatment like the great (and affordable) options from Rockstar Nails ($14.99/set of 8). Here’s one of many DIY options:

Materials for Nail Art


Above are all the materials I use: coffee filter, one dull pencil, sharp pencil and of course, nail sprinkles and coordinating polish from Rockstar Nails. You can also use contrasting colors, but since I was already using teal on a red nail, for my caviar heart, I kept the colors matchy-matchy.

Three Dots for Nail Art

Put a drop of polish on the filter or a piece of paper. Using the dull pencil, make three dots, as shown.


Using both the dull and sharp pencil, connect the dots to form your heart and fill in with the extra polish.

Caviar Nail Heart

Here’s where it can get a bit tricky…pour a large amount of sprinkles into the filter. Starting at on side of the heart, press your nail straight down into the sprinkles. DO NOT ROLL YOUR NAIL! Lift it straight up, and then press the center, lift straight up, and finally press the last side into the sprinkles. Be careful to lift your nail straight up after each time you press. Rolling will smudge both the sprinkles and your heart.

Caviar Nail Treatment with Rockstar Nails

Aaaand…if you mess up, you can of course just forget the heart and caviar the whole nail!


So chic!