#NoExcuses in July–Get Moving with this Fitness Challenge

I couldn’t help but share this fun challenge with all of you – put together by the fabulous ladies at PinkHeelsPinkTruck.com and HairsprayAndHighheels.net. They’re challenging all of us to get moving in July with their #NoExcuses Fitness Challenge – 75 miles in 31 days. Whether walking, biking, running, swimming, stair climbing, using the elliptical or taking a high-intensity cardio class, this challenge will help all of us look and feel our best!

Sign up here! Aaaand this is the perfect opportunity for all of you to continue to use (or start using) one of my very favorite apps, Charity Miles. Available for both iPhone and Android users, not only will your workout do good for you, every mile you run, walk or bike will be doing something good for someone else. Kind of like BOGO without spending a dime!

This July, challenge yourself…you just might be impressed with what you accomplish!



Go amaze yourselves!