Office Makeover: From Blah to Boutique

I have to say, I’m loving my new office space. While it’s not completely complete, (yet), it’s well on its way. My main goal was to create a boutique-like space, allowing me to easily see the majority of my accessories, while getting my beauty products organized and easy to find. The only hang-up? A budget of nothing. Literally. I did end up dropping about $5 for hangers, but everything else were pieces I found and refurbished as much as possible…which in my case, meant spray painting. 

Scarves, bags and hair and beauty products easy to find and out in the open.
Organized beauty product shelves.

Serving Platter Jewelry Display
This little corner is a just-right place to house my hair and beauty essentials, jewelry, handbags and for now, just one scarf. The shelf was a faux-wood finish metal bookshelf my parents probably got in the 60’s. I stole it to help me organize a variety of spaces in college and it’s been hidden in a closet ever since. While I couldn’t get out all of the malformations, a little spray paint went a long way. And since I’ve had this serving platter for forever and have NEVER used it, I thought I would be better off displaying jewelry.

Filing cabinets are the perfect table for jewelry sunglasses and other fashion inspriation.

Don't hide necklaces away, properly display them with other accessories like earrings and sunglasses.
Wall Display

Sunglasses, Earrings and Necklaces
I’ve had these jewelry displays hiding for quite some time, but love them out in the open holding rings, bracelets and necklaces. You can find these or similar displays at places like Michaels for a small amount of money.

A curtain rod is the perfect option for holding outfits, shoes and bags. 

Steve Madden Metallic Cage Booties
Nine West D'Orsay Peep Toe Heels

I found this curtain rod in a closet still in the package. I’m not sure if it came with the place or I bought it and never used it, but either way, it’s perfect for me now! I love looking up from my desk and being inspired by these cute pieces and some of my favorite shoes.

Next up is the closet, which will also be getting a makeover as I’ve moved a desk into it. My essentials – stapler, notebooks, three-hole punch, etc. are all right there with easy access but, since they don’t exactly fit the theme of my "office-boutique,” aren’t visible.

This is such a huge improvement! It feels very “me” and I love love love working in it. Up until this point, it was the last place I ventured in my home. What are you re-doing on a budget this season?