Quick and Easy DIY Nail Designs

Think nail art is only for the creative, artistic spirits with the time and energy to create inspirational designs? Not so. Case in point:

Easy DIY Nails

  1. Just do one caviar nail in edgy contrasting colors. My look above was created with Remedy Nails, Remedy Red, and Rockstar Nails teal sprinkles.
  2. Go ultra-feminine with two soft tones, glitter, and polka dots. A little more complicated, but using Remedy Nails Nurture Nude Pink and Subtle Sunshine, I created this fun pattern. To create the dots, use a dull pencil dipped in the gold to add three dots down the center of each nail. Add two dots to either side and in between the dots of the strip, as shown.
  3. Or, opt for monochromaticโ€ฆmy favorite and so easy! The black polish, Whipped, is from the limited edition Sinful Nails Leather Lux Collection (no longer available). The fun glitter is from the Nubar line, Kristal.

Stop plain painting your nails โ€“ itโ€™s summer, donโ€™t be afraid of adventure!