Small Space, No Problem! Closet Organization with Wardrobe Stylist Kimberlee Tokarz

I’m not sure if it’s just because I had such a terrible 2013, or if I’ve just evolved into a more organized person, but the first half of 2014 has seen me cleaning, purging and putting my small space together like never before (it’s so cathartic). But, I have to admit, small spaces and small budgets can sometimes make me feel limited. I know many others who share that same problem, so I reached out to sought-after Wardrobe Stylist, Kimberlee Tokarz for her thoughts on organizing a small closet (which is of course full of clothes) on a limited budget. Here are her fabulous ideas:

Organizing a small closet? Think simplify!

With the simplest storage solutions, small closets can be turned in to the most organized and functional spaces.

Before anything else, the first thing I would say to do is edit. Most of us have clothing, shoes, accessories, and more in our closets that are just taking up space and getting rid of those pieces will help when setting up an organized system. Once you have edited your wardrobe and have a clear idea of what you have, then look at the layout of your closet, see if there is unused space that could be fixed and/or organized better. Whether adding another shelf or a lower hanging bar, anything and everything will help.

Trying to extend closet space? Get creative!

Look up, down, left, right. If you see unused space, that means there's room to grow! You can always get custom built solutions for your space, but if you're on a budget look at these easier and cheaper ideas that can make a world of difference. If you have a basic rod and shelf in your closet there are options of creating a more usable space by adding more shelving above, where your "every-so-often" items can be placed. You can also change the height of your hanging bar to possibly add a lower one and have space for bins or a shoe rack (as shown below).

Kimberlee Tokarz Tips for an Organized Closet


Don’t forget the essentials…hangers!

The biggest thing I would recommend is your hangers. I love the huggable hangers. You can choose from a wide range of colors, depending on if you have a color scheme or just a favorite color. Personally, I choose to buy the ones that have the bar bottom (shown below) because you can also use them to hang pants or jeans. I change them out for almost every client I work with! They not only give your closet consistency, but they allow for way more space.

Huggable Hangers

Why hang when you can fold?

Many people choose to hang their clothing, but there are a lot of items that should or can be folded. This is a huge space saver when organized correctly. You can even organize and store based on seasons. For example, most sweaters can be folded, so during spring and summer seasons have a bin or storage box that slides under your bed that can store your fall and winter sweaters. That way it's still easily accessible for unexpected weather, but it's not in your way for your everyday looks.

Under the Bed Storage

Your closet, your shop.

After you have figured out what is hanging and what is folded and added more shelving and/or rods, you can then go into the smaller details. Maybe adding drawer storage or a shoe rack on the floor. While all of this may seem like a tough task, organizing a small closet can be done. Use these ideas to start creating a closet that you can "shop"! 

Thanks Kimberlee…everyone else, go and be organized!