Woman’s Day Feature: 6 Instant Look-Younger Makeovers

You know how sometimes you’re browsing a website (not your Facebook page), and your like, “oh hey, that’s me.” And then you’re like, “WAIT, oh hey, that’s me!!!!” Exactly how I felt tonight when I saw this little feature on Woman’s Day highlighting 6 Instant Look-Younger Makeovers featured in their 7 Years Younger Instant Makeovers book. Truth be told, I did know there was a chance I could be featured on their website after I reviewed the book, but wasn’t certain, and certainly didn’t expect my picture to be looking back at me showing off the feature. Eek – evening made!

Woman's Day Website featuring Look-Younger Makeovers

Be sure to check it out, along with all the other amazing tips Woman’s Day has to offer!