20 Under $20! Affordable August Finds!

Who says fashion can’t be affordable? For any of us on a budget, snag a few of the below cute pieces, all of which are under $20!


20 great pieces under $20!

1. Mossimo Bomber Jacket, $10.98, Target
2. Capelli Moto Rain Boot, $19.99, TJX.com
3. 5 Piece Stackable Rings, $19.99, Target
4. Cole Haan Square Sunglasses, $16.99, TJX.com
5. Merona Leopard Print Calf-Hair Belt, $16.99, Target
6. Olive & Oak Button Front Dress, $19.99, TJX.com
7. Route 66 Slouchy Track Pants, $12.74, K-Mart
8. Mossimo Asymmetrical Maxi, $14.98, Target
9. Multi-Stone Stretch Bracelet, $12.99, Target
10. Faded Glory 2-Pack Star Tanks, $7.99, Wal-Mart
11. 3/4 Sleeve Henley, $7.99, Wal-Mart
12. Signature by Levi Strauss Totally Shaping Skinny Jeans, $19.94, Wal-Mart
13. Daniel Rainn Chevron Print Pant, $19.99, TJX.com
14. Montego Bay Club Payton Sandal, $9, Payless
15. Fioni Megan Wedges, $16, Payless
16. Basic Editions Dakota Flat, $5.99, K-Mart
17. Girls’ Legwarmer, $7.99, Target
18. Totes City Names Umbrella, $16.99, Target
19. Route 66 Graphic Eyes Shirt, $6.29, K-Mart
20. Adam Levine Chambray Floral Shirt, $17.59, K-Mart

Just a couple of notes…#17, are indeed kid’s legwarmers. BUT, I wear kid’s legwarmers on my wrists from time-to-time for an edgy little twist. Let them peek out from underneath a denim jacket in the fall, or pair them with a cute tank now. Also, the chevron print on the TJX pants (#13) is hot – but the print is too fine to really see in this pic. Check them out!

What are you admiring on this list???