Questions with your Style? Let me Help!

Ever have one of those friends you adore, but, when it comes to her honesty regarding your outfits, she just doesn’t have the cachongas to tell you something doesn’t look quite right? Well loves, consider me that friend who isn’t afraid to give it to you straight!

I’ve had more people recently DM’ing me their #OOTD posts on Instagram and I’m having so much fun seeing all of your cute clothes and how you’re styling them. What I’m seeing usually is that while most of you know how to coordinate your clothing, there’s questions about accessorizing or the silhouette certain items are creating.

So there you go, whenever you have a pressing outfit question, DM your photos to me on Instagram (Laura_Yoder). Just a few tips…

  • Make sure the photos are taken from eye-level so I can give you a true evaluation.
  • This photo isn’t going anywhere, so I don’t care if you have the perfect background. Just as long as I can see you and your outfit
  • Filters aren’t necessary either.
  • If you can’t get the full view, download an app like No Crop, which is what I used in the pic below.

And if you just have a general question regarding an outfit or fashion or what-not, you can always email me as well:

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