Soap Jumping? Try the Coconut Water Option from Dial!

When it comes to fashion and beauty, I have a ton of favorites – products and brands that I’m loyal to come hell or high water. However when it comes to bath soap, I’ve never had a favorite…I’ll typically buy whatever is on sale. A couple of weeks ago, “whatever was on sale,” happened to be Dial’s Coconut Water Bamboo Leaf Extract Glycerin Soap. I picked up a few bars thinking it would likely do the trick. My skin feels equally clean compared with previous soaps I’ve used – and since it’s August I don’t notice any increased hydration that the soap is supposed to help with (I’ll get back with you about that in December). What I am addicted to is the scent! It’s not “coconutty” like tanning lotion but instead has sweet lush aroma. I like it so much I went to the store yesterday and bought the Ultra Fresh Hydrating Body Wash.

Both use coconut water to help infuse skin with moisture and as mentioned, the bar soap is glycerin based, a popular method to keep skin hydrated (here’s a great article helping to explain glycerin from the Livestrong website). If you’re a soap-jumper like I used to be, give this Coconut Water option from Dial a chance to impress you!

Dial Coconut Water Soap

Dial Body Wash


What is your favorite soap or bodywash?