The Cutest Bows for your Buns (and Other Updo’s)

Remember when you were little and wore a bow with every hairdo? Pigtails, ponytails, French braids, one side back, both sides back…every and any hairdo qualified for a big bow. Maybe it’s the cheerleader in me, but I for one L-O-V-E LOVE that bows are making a comeback and can be donned with all of my grown-up hairstyles: a messy bun, a sleek pony or a bow headband for everything else. If you’re searching for a cute but more adult-like bow option, Akamatra on Etsy has adorable styles. Check out my favorites below:

Floral Ponytail Bow

Floral Ponytail Bow, $13


Blue Jeans Hair Bow

Blue Jean Hair Bow, $12

Lace and Leather Bow Headband

Leather and Lace Bow Headband, $17

Akamatra has other great accessories too, including stud earrings I’m currently a bit infatuated with. How are you styling with bows this season?