The Easiest Way to Detangle Hair

If you know me at all, you know I love my runs. It’s the perfect time to clear my head, run off any frustrations and of course, get in a nice workout. My post-runs however are a little less fun as despite my high pony and headband, my hair knots and tangles beyond belief. I’ve become accustomed to the tedious process of patiently working through my knots using all tools necessary – a comb, brush and pick.

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Recently, my life got a whole lot better after I was introduced to the Knot Genie, a line of brushes created to detangle any hair type, curly or straight, wet or dry, real or synthetic. With bristles that do not have the little balls on the end and also varying in length, hair easily glides through the brush, working out the tangles.

I was skeptical when first trying, but I can happily report the brush does live up to it’s promise. Some of my deeper knots did take a little more work, but my de-tangling time was dramatically cut down and the sharp pains from hair being pulled have been minimized, if I have them at all.

Yay! I love little luxuries that don’t cost a fortune but still make my life a little bit easier. The Knot Genie comes in three sizes, Teeny Genie (perfect for travel or to stow for on-the-go hair emergencies), Original Knot Genie (palm-sized, great for detangling kids’ tresses) and the handled Genie Supreme (the option I tried). Prices range from $14.99-$22.99 and the brushes are available in an array of fun colors to easily coordinate with bathrooms or bags.

The Knot Genie series can be found at more than 5,000 specialty boutiques and salons world wide or purchased from

Happy Friday!



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