Sporty Chic for the Weekend

Each and every Sunday I stay up late, not really doing much of anything all that productive, just trying to soak up every last bit of weekend that I can. Weekends always mean running around from one place to the next and I love an outfit that can take me to multiple locations. My sporty look below isn’t over-the-top for the market, and could easily take me to a casual dinner with friends as well. It’s the perfect weekend multi-tasking look. Not to mention, I adore the juxtaposition of sporty classics, like hi-top Nikes, a colorful headband, given to me by Urban Halo, and hooded sweater with more edgy pieces like red skinny jeans and gold chains.

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Stone Chain necklace, Nail DIY, Wire Ring

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Black Women's Hi Tops, Retro Sneakers, Women's Hi Top Sneakers

Nike Skaters, Patent Leather Women's Nike, Nike Hi Top Shoes

Sweater, H&M (prior season, try this instead, $24.95) ♥ Jeans, Target (no longer available, try these instead, $29.99) ♥ Patent Nike Hi-Tops (prior season, try these wedge options instead, $85) ♥ Zambos & Siega Tote (try this Sierra Rocker Hobo instead, $51.16) ♥ Druzy Necklace in White, $75 ♥ Gold Wire Ring, $112 ♥ Urban Halo Headband in Bali Sunrise, $15


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