Style Yourself Fabulous with the Dolphin Iron from ArtiZen

Artizen DolphinIsn’t it frustrating to leave your stylist’s chair after a cut and style feeling fabulous but knowing the next time you achieve that same look will be 6-8 weeks later when you’re back for a trim? ArtiZen agrees and their line of high-power professional styling tools, including the fabulous ArtiZen Dolphin Iron, make it easy to style your tresses beautifully right in your own home!

My very favorite feature of the Dolphin is it’s Hydro-ionic Surround Heating, meaning the top plate is heated all the way around. This little feature allows users to create all kinds of fun ‘dos, from romantic curls to beachy waves. I’ve taken FULL advantage of this as I rarely use a straightener to actually straighten my hair and if I do, it’s usually to smooth it in the humidity. However, I do love the waves I can achieve from a straightener that are the perfect amount of laid-back chic. Smooth and not too curly, the only trouble I sometimes have curling with a typical straightener is the curls occasionally come out with a kink – I call them my square curls because I can see where the hair wrapped around the edge of the straightener. The Dolphin completely eliminated this problem. No kinks just incredibly smooth waves (see pic below). Perfection!

Part of the reason those waves are so smooth is due to the ceramic tourmaline technology which increases shine regardless of whether you’re using it to straighten or curl. Another one of my favorite, probably overlooked, features is the extra long swivel cord. My bathroom isn’t set up in an ideal way with the outlet right by my counter. That said, doing my hair sometimes really does require way too much effort. This cord means my Dolphin easily reaches my counter and the swivel feature means it doesn’t get all twisted or tangled.

Although I haven’t tried it yet something that I foresee coming in handy will be the damp-to-dry styling with no cuticle burn. Not that I’m ever lazy…BUT, if for some reason I don’t feel like completely blowing dry my hair and then styling, I’m so glad there’s an option that allows me to do this.

Other features include:

  • 1.25” Plate Size
  • Digital with LED controls
  • Sound Chime to indicate on/off or temperature changes
  • Built-in surge protection
  • Auto Shut-Off after 20 minutes

The ArtiZen Dolphin Iron retails for $159 and is part of a family of high-end styling tools, including the Midi Iron, the Nano Dryer and the Turbo Ionic Dryer.

Waves created with the ArtiZen Dolphin.

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