20 Things I Love About Fall

Matisse Outback BootsFall. Autumn. Whatever. I’m honestly not that much of a “fall” person. We’re barely out of summer (I L-O-V-E LOVE summer BTW), and then bam! Here come cold temps and crazy wind and dead everything – trees, grass, flowers, etc. That’s not how fall is supposed to be. It’s SUPPOSED to be a gradual reduction in temps until winter. Here in the Midwest, it’s literally one day summer, the next day winter (it actually snowed a little yesterday – SNOW!?!). So if fall was what it propositioned itself to be – you know, 70 degrees with beautiful colorful leaves (the leaves seem to change in about a day and a half and then are promptly blown down), I maybe would feel differently about the season. Plus, fall reminds me of what’s to come. If I think it’s cold now…well…you know.

That said, I do hate being negative, so I decided to challenge myself a little, by listing the below amazing things I love and appreciate about the season. Somehow everything on this list really is better in autumn:


  1. Sweaters. Kinda a no-brainer.
  2. Boots. See above! Aren’t the Matisse options above perfection?
  3. Comfortable Chic Fashion. Combining the above two with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings is just so darn comfy!
  4. Apples. Apples are good year round, but in the fall…there’s the cider, pie, caramel dip…good things!
  5. Pumpkins. Pumpkin anything – pie, lattes, cupcakes…we can make them year round, but they’re so good in the fall!
  6. Coffee. Ok, truth be told, I love coffee year round. BUT, in the fall, it’s somehow more of a comfort food (drink).
  7. Soup. I forget how great soup is until this season rolls around.
  8. Down Time. Although I love summer, it always seems I’m going from one thing to the next. I love the occasional day or night, where I literally just do nothing.
  9. Mums. Sadly, my flowers are dead and my only tree is already bare. I love the colors mums bring right now.Flannel Sheets
  10. Butterflies. I adore seeing them flutter about.
  11. Rich Nail Colors. In summer I do brights and pastels, but I love the deep tones on my fall manis.
  12. Blankets. I might use them year-round, but I regain appreciation for them now.
  13. Basketball. Yay, I’m always happy when basketball returns!
  14. Thanksgiving. Anytime I get to see my family is a blessing (wearing comfy chic clothing, eating pumpkin pie and having a cup of coffee make this day unbelievable)!
  15. Candles. I rarely burn candles in warm weather months, but light them nearly every day in fall.
  16. Fall TV. I get so excited for all of the new shows…like the return of Derek Morgan…I mean Criminal Minds!
  17. Flannel Sheets. I could have put this and blankets under “bedding,” but I’m struggling to get to 20, and I do love flannel sheets! The giraffe-print options at right are from Kohl’s…so cute!
  18. Candy Corn and Honey Roasted Peanuts Mixed Together. OMG, delish.
  19. Burning Leaves. I don’t get to smell them a lot where I live, but when I do, it’s heavenly!
  20. Spring. That’s right…every fall day means we’re one day closer to spring!

What are some of your favorite things about fall?


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