Be your Own Mixologist with these Holiday Inspired Martini Recipes from Bombay Sapphire

So, technically, today is Halloween. “Technically.” As I sit looking out the window in my faux fur slippers and big crochet infinity scarf, watching the snow (that’s right, snow!) hit the pavement, I’m thinking it looks more like winter. I guess for us in Northern Indiana, fall is over. Sigh. The good news I suppose is we can officially start planning our holiday happenings. Below I’ve posted some great cocktail recipes for festive twists on classic Martinis shared by Bombay Sapphire gin.

First, some Martini history: dating back to the mid 19th century when it was referred to as the “Martinez,” the cocktail was served at the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco. Gaining popularity, by century’s end, the “dry martini” concoction was served in bars throughout the country and featured London Dry gin, dry vermouth and an olive garnish. The Martini reached icon status after Prohibition and shows such as Mad Men and Sex and the City have helped caused a resurgence in the drink’s popularity.

Which one of the below will you be mixing for friends? And anyone trying out the Yuletide or Good Memories…I’m open to invites!

Bombay Sapphire Classic Martini

1 ½ parts Bombay Sapphire Gin
A whisper of dry vermouth

Chill chosen Martini Glass. Fill the glass half of the shaker with Ice, coat the inside of the glass shaker with vermouth, discard the ice and vermouth and refill with ice, pour in Bombay Sapphire holding the base of the glass shaker – stir – NEVER – shake until ice cold -  pour into a martini glass. Garnish with an olive twist.


Bombay Sapphire Marivaux

1.75 oz Bombay Sapphire
.75 oz Martini Rossi Gran Lusso
.33 oz Drambuie
3-4 dashes, or one teaspoon Fernet Branca

Stir over ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

“Gin is often considered a summertime quaff, but the pine notes of juniper give it a great snap in the holiday season as well. The woodsy notes of Martini's Gran Lusso vermouth accent this well, while Drambuie's honey and Branca's earthy bitterness round out the cocktail. It's a nice, complex drink, fit for a little fireside contemplation.” - Created by Seattle’s Most Imaginative Bartender Winner, Seth Sempere of Spur Gastropub.


Bombay Sapphire Winter's Kiss
Winter’s Kiss

1.5 oz. Bombay Sapphire Gin
.75 oz. fino sherry
.75 oz. Martini Rossi Bianco
3 dashes bitter truth celery bitters

- Created by Bombay Sapphire SF’s Most Imaginative Bartender Winner, Brian Means of Dirty Habit in SF


Bombay Yuletide
Yuletide Martini

2 oz Bombay Sapphire
2 tsp Cranberry Sauce
.25 oz dry curaçao
.25 oz cinnamon syrup
1 dash five spice bitters (Bar Keep)

“The Martini was called 'the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet' by H.L. Menken. and, although the classic recipe involves only gin and vermouth, in the American spirit of invention, the cocktail can be experimented with to no end. In light of the holidays, The Yuletide Martini takes inspiration from some of the brighter flavors of the holidays, and incorporates cranberry, orange and spices to evoke the feeling of holiday spirit. E.B. White called the martini the 'elixir of quietude,' and this martini is meant to be just that: a quiet moment to be found in the hectic rush of the holiday season. Cheers.” – Created by Bombay Sapphire Denver’s Most Imaginative Bartender Winner, Tacy Rowland of Bol in Denver.


Bombay Good Memories
Good Memories

1.75oz Bombay Sapphire Gin
1 oz spiced rum
1 scoop Hazelnut ice cream
0.5oz cherry liquor
Jerry Thomas bitter

Method: Pour all the ingredients into a shaker except the bitter and cinnamon, then shake with no ice, just with a strainer cord, the ice cream will melt into the drink chilling it out perfectly, getting creamy and ready for some cinnamon grated on top and Jerry Thomas bitter.

“It's a delicious martini-style cocktail perfect for Christmas, with hazelnut notes and cloves, all surrounded with cinnamon aroma, cherries, and vanilla from the rum. It's a cold blend that has a floral body from the Bombay Sapphire Gin, that warms you up in the cold. It is also perfect for a summery Christmas on a fantastic tropical island. Enjoy responsibly! Salute!” –Created by Bombay Sapphire NY’s Most Imaginative Bartender Winner, Vincenzo Cangemi of Ovest Pizzoteca & Bar in NYC.- Created by Bombay Sapphire New York’s Most Imaginative Bartender Winner, Vincenzo Cangemi of Ovest Pizzoteca and Bar in NYC


Bombay Hampshire

1 1/2 part Bombay Sapphire Gin
1/2 part Pamplemousse combier
3/4th Part East India Sherry
3/4th Part Carpano Antica
Angostura Bitters

Add ice and stir. Once cocktail dilutes 20%, pour into chilled coupe glass. Garnish with grapefruit swath and cherry.

“This cocktail’s pedigree is based on the Martinez cocktail, but I decided to split the fortified wine and change the modifier. This is a perfect sipper for the holiday season. It has nutty and spice notes while being in perfect harmony with Bombay Sapphire gin. I decided to pay homage to Bombay sapphire’s new Laverstoke distillery located in Hampshire, London.” –Created by Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender National Winner 2014, Ran Duan of Boston’s The Baldwin Bar at The Sichuan Garde.


Bombay Plum Tart
Plum Tart

2 oz plum wine
1 oz Bombay Sapphire Gin
.75 oz cranberry juice
3 drops of orange bitters
3 lime wedges
2 bar spoons of Demerrara sugar
Muddle lime and sugar in glass.
Add rest of ingredients.  Shake well and strain into Martini Glass
Top with lime wheel with dried cranberries

- Created by Bombay Sapphire Miami’s Most Imaginative Bartender Winner, Philip Khandehrish of The Setai Bar in Miami.


Bombay Suit and Tie
Suit & Tie

2 oz Bombay Sapphire Gin
.5 oz Nigori sake
.5 oz Manzanilla Sherry (or another dry sherry)
2 dashes Orange bitters
1 drop Vanilla extract

* Stir over ice, Strain into a coupe/martini glass, garnish with a Lemon and Grapefruit peel.

"The Martini parented many of the drinks we know and enjoy today. This winter sipper takes one of its classic variations, the Tuxedo (which uses dry sherry in place of dry vermouth), and adds a little unfiltered sake, which gives it a nutty finish, round mouth-feel, and the appearance of snow. It's brightened up with some citrus oil and vanilla extract, and is sure to warm you up while wearing your suit & tie during your next holiday family gathering." – Created by Bombay Sapphire Austin’s Most Imaginative Bartender Winner 2014, Justin Lavenue of Austin’s The Half Step Bar


Bombay Mediteranean
Mediterranean Martini

2 parts Apricot Infused Bombay Sapphire Gin
Splash of Lillet
Dash Raki Mist
1 part Cointreau
Fresh Lime Juice

Shake all contents vigorously and strain into Martini glass. Garnish with lemon twist.

- Created by Pera in NYC


Happy Friday all (even if it is snowing)!!