It’s Thanksgiving, and I’m Thankful


I love love love this holiday! And while the first part is typically spent rushing around to make sure I’m where I need to be and that my apple dumplings are made and tasty, it’s naturally a day to reflect on the things I’m really thankful for. Fortunately, my list could be endless, but here are my a few of my top options, some serious, some silly.

1. My Faith. I love that faith in God was something instilled in me very naturally and ever present. At my lowest, He helps squash my fears. At my highest I’m kept me on track both personally and professionally.

2. My Family. I’m blessed and surrounded by love and am forever grateful to each of my family members.

3. My Friends. I’d be lost without them.

4. My Roots. I grew up without a lot on a farm in a small town. Even if we didn’t have a lot of material things, we had the above three and a lot of fun. My roots have grounded me and while I’ve made somewhat of a large hobby/part-time job off of more materialistic things, my roots have made me who I am. And while I think anyone can put together an outfit for $1,000, it’s a lot more difficult under $100. Or even under $50. If it wasn’t for how I grew up, I”m not sure I would have had the knack to do that.

5. My Cat. Lil’ Pete. I’m not a big picture-taker of him, but everyday he makes me smile. I’m actually a huge animal lover…and since I can’t have a zoo, I have a cat.

6. My Teams. I coach the cheer and dance teams at my alma mater, Valparaiso University. I’m fortunate by the large number of young adults that are currently and have previously been a part of the program.

7. The USA. Wow, how lucky are we to be living in the greatest country in the world?

8. My Home. It’s not much, but it’s mine, and so many aren’t as lucky.

9. Running. I’m far from speedy, but I never feel better than when I’m out for a run.

10. Coffee. No explanation is needed.

11. My Blog. I love developing content to share. It truly gives me such as huge sense of pride in myself.

12. The Seasons. Like any good Mid-Westerner I complain about the cold and the snow. But really, the snow is so gorgeous and I can’t imagine not having a change of seasons like we do. And I doubt I would appreciate the spring, summer and fall if it wasn’t for winter.

13. You. If you’re reading this, then I’m thankful for you, so thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone…I hope it’s amazing! What are you thankful for?