November Beauty Box 5 Review: Gracefully Grounded

How in the world is it already November? Not just November, but nearly Thanksgiving! Somehow, the time between July and December shortens every single year. That said, my November Beauty Box 5 snuck into my mailbox without me even realizing it was about that time, which is totally fine. I do love fun surprises! Their “Gracefully Grounded” box is perfect for this time of year when it seems like everyone is running around like a chicken with their head cut off. This box is a just-right compliment to our beauty routines and will keep us prettily primped whether traveling to turkey dinners or just trying to stay put-together during arctic temperatures. Without further ado, here’s what was neatly packaged in the November box:

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Dove Hask and AfterFeather, Hask Macadamia Revitalizing Shine Oil

Den Tek Floss Piks, Den Tek Floss Picks Sample, Dentek Floss Picks Review

Laura Ashley Body Butter, Body Butter for Winter


Afterfeather Refillable Travel Bottle (One Bottle, $4.50): This is so so chic! It’s the perfect option for shampoo, conditioner, lotion, mouthwash…any array of products you want to make sure to have with you to keep you gorgeous while traveling.

Den Tek Floss Picks + Case (Full Size, $2.49): Not only is this great for traveling, but perfect to have in your purse…at all times…you know, just to make sure to avoid any between-the-teeth spinach salad remnants from lunch (not that that ever happens to any of us!).

Hask Macadamia Revitalizing Shine Oil (Full Size, $2.99): My hair is in dyer need of a trim and I’m excited to try this before my December cut. The ultra-hydrating oil is touted as the perfect fix for lifeless locks and dull split ends.

Laura Ashley Body Butter in Sweet Peony ($3.25 for 1, or $20 for a set of 6): I usually don’t like florally scents but this is somehow a perfect compliment to the winter chill. Plus it goes on silky smooth. Like butta. Literally.

Dove Deep Moisturizing Body Wash (Deluxe Sample, $1 or $6.49 for full size): Oh those smarties at Beauty Box 5 must know my skin has already developed the winter itch and I’ll need something to use in combination with my above body butter to help fight it. This body wash has a nice fresh scent as well. Ta-ta itchy skin!

Also included were two Den Tek coupons – one for $1 any Den Tek product over $2 and another for $1 off any Den Tek Floss Picks + Case, and a code for 30% off at Sparkles & Pop, an adorable online destination for jewelry lovers.

The total value of the November Beauty Box 5 was $14.23 for a savings of between $2.32 and $5.98. It’s not the biggest value I’ve seen from Beauty Box 5, but I’m happy with what was sent and the products really are perfect for the traveling season. If you need a gift-giving idea…Beauty Box 5 makes the perfect option and of course, you could always drop a hint to someone you know that might be struggling to find you the perfect present.

New members can sign up for Beauty Box 5 three different ways:

  1. By the Month – $12/Box
  2. By the Quarter – $30/3 Boxes ($10/Box)
  3. By the Year – $99/12 Boxes ($8.25/Box)

Happy November beauties!


**I’m so fortunate to be a Beauty Contributor for Beauty Box 5 and as such, did receive a complimentary November Beauty Box 5 to review. Opinions my own.