Everything you Need for a Healthy 2015

Admit it. You’re one of the millions of people vowing to become healthier…after Christmas of course, lol. Whether you’re looking to start the year off on track or wanting to continue your efforts into 2015, the below products will easily help you reach your health and fitness goals!

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Headsweats Reversible Beanie ($22), This is so beyond adorable. Available in three fashionably chic colors, not only are the moisture wicking beanies machine washable, they’re super comfy – easily fitting over the ears and with a ponytail opening! But back to how cute it is – I mean, if we’re going to be out in the cold running, we might as well look good too!

Rowve Carry All Bag ($33), Made in the USA with a fun paisley laminate, it’s the perfect bag for your sweaty post-workout gear – instead of shoving them into a bag with all of your other items you’d prefer to keep non-stinky! The 15” x 9” size would also be great for wet towels, bathing suits, etc. Basically, if you plan on doing any kind of workout ever outside of your home, you need this bag!

North Pole Caveman Cookies ($5.95/box), These Paleolithic cookies are ideal not just for those following the Paleo diet, but anyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by developing a healthy eating pattern. All of their flavors are made with good-for-you ingredients such as, depending on the flavor, organic honey, maple syrup and almond flour. The delish North Pole flavor is available through January!

BodyWorksBand ($14.95), This ingenious band is perfect for travel because a workout is printed right on it! The total body workout resistance band is also great as a supplement to regular workouts – maybe as a mid-day break to rejuvenate your mind during a stressful day at work.

JoJo’s Chocolate Bark (starting at $28), For anyone with a sweet-tooth this Bark is a must-have as it actually helps to “cure the craving.” It sounds crazy, I know, but I actually tried it, and it really works! Made with healthy ingredients full of anti-oxidants and hunger-curbing proteins, this is the perfect way to ring in a healthy 2015!

VitaFusion MultiVites (prices vary), Gone are the days of barely being able to choke down a horse-pill size vitamin. Not only do these MultiVites taste good, but there is honestly something for everyone – including a Hair, Skin and Nails Support Multivitamin to help keep us pretty and another which includes Immune Support to help keep our immune systems strong.

Sigg Traveller Black Touch ($28.99), This Swiss-made bottle is equipped with and Eco-Care liner which means your own personal hydration station will deliver H2O that’s fresh and clean. And oh, yeah. The matte color is also ridiculously stylish.

Feetures Elite Ultra Light Running Socks ($14.99), Made with a patent-pending Power Arch for targeted compression the socks also are anatomically designed for maximum comfort and protection against blisters. A must-have for new and veteran runners alike.

WeGo Clip Wireless Activity Tracker ($69.99), Wear this little bad-boy 24/7  to track calories burned, distance, steps, active minutes and even quality of sleep. Set and track goals to help get yourself into the best shape of your life! Download the app on your smartphone and sync daily to easily see progress.

What resolution are you setting this year?


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