Gifts that Work for Christmas or a Housewarming!

So you need a gift for someone who’s doing some remodeling or redecorating, or maybe you’re doing some redecorating of your own? The below are undoubtedly perfect options!

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Vintage Marquee Lights (Prices start at $159), OMG, so how amazingly awesome are these? Letters and symbols start at 12” and go up to to 36”. Hang them on the wall, set them on the counter or display them on the floor…options are endless with these modernly rustic pieces.

New Hope Soap Candle ($30), It’s winter, which means I am officially infatuated with candles. But, these New Hope Soap candles are a little beyond, as the jars can be completely personalized with any name or text. P.S. As the name insinuates, they also make soap. Which can also be customized. Love!!!

White Wall Pictures (Prices start at $6.90), Another great option, White Wall takes your original photo (or use one of their stock images as I’ve shown above) and prints it on a variety of mediums in a variety of sizes. Prices are beyond reasonable and pieces come ready to hang – the smaller items look great on a desk as well.

Sweater Bins from ($24.99), These bins come in numerous color selections and are crazy-durable. This whole site is a dream for all of us into organization as it has options for the closet, desk, traveling and more. Ahhh. My heart is so at peace when I’m on this site. I honestly think I’ve clicked on and read about every single product!

4 x 6 Croc Frame ($93), Have you visited Beatriz Ball? Wow! Their pieces for the home are ridiculously chic! Made with FDA-safe easy care metal that is both freezer and oven friendly, (which might not seem pertinent to their frames, but is for their serving pieces), each is shiny (love!) and all are uniquely textured making them even more fantastic!

Zoku Ice Ball Molds ($16.99 for a set of 2), Whenever I see these I start singing I’m So Fancy, because seriously, how can ice be this fancy? Fill the mold, let it freeze and put in your favorite tumbler. With or without a beverage, this ice will make you feel like a million bucks! If you choose to go the beverage route, the ice melts slow and evenly to help prevent a watered-down drink.

The Pillow of Health ($134.99-$149.99), Who doesn’t love sleep? Go beyond a good night’s rest with this comfy pillow, which features a moisture-wicking outer lining, medical grade inner liner and is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. Did I mention it’s certified to be filled with the healthiest polyurethane foam available and it’s made in the US? Because it is. Best. Pillow. Ever. Zzzz…

You Are Awesome Co. Wall Decals (Prices Start at $8), I have this hanging on a mirror and every time I walk by it, I think, “Duh.” or “Obviously.” or “Tell me something I don’t know mirror.” Hey, we all need a little self-esteem boosting sass, and these cute decals are the perfect way to bring it into someone’s life. Customized prints and other decals are available as well.

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