Small Kitchen Storage Idea

Gosh, I’ve been AWOL recently it seems, BUT I am finally starting to feel a little bit put together for 2015. For the past several years (yes years!), I’ve been wanting to make some kitchen improvements. Nothing major with regards to the layout (yet) but mainly cosmetics…paint colors and things. My kitchen was designed really poorly and while I eventually want to do some major overhauling, for now, one of the things I’ve hated is that it’s super tiny with very little counter space. So basically everything I keep on my counter makes it feel cluttered. I finally started the painting this past week, and it dawned on me a “floating shelf” would be perfect for the awkward space between my refrigerator and cupboards. Usually the cabinets would be flush against the refrigerator and mine aren’t. What were they thinking?!? Anyways, I knew shelving would give me the opportunity to get one of the too many necessary somethings off of my countertop and up out of the way. I went to Kohl’s and didn’t really see anything that would work. I thought they would maybe have some baskets that could serve the same purpose and while they did have baskets, they weren’t quite my style. I kept wandering and found these below serving/colander bowl sets on sale for $6.97 and knew they were deep enough to keep my fruit and things from rolling out and color-wise worked perfectly. Yay! I see online they’re just over $25, so not sure how I lucked out…maybe check your local Kohl’s before buying online.

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Those of you with small spaces, what are hacks you use to make it work?