Winter’s Wonderland

So if you know me at all, you know I’m not a fan of winter. It’s cold. And that really sums up why I hate it – I hate being cold! And while I’m confessing, you should also know, I’m not a fan of shoveling snow or scraping ice, but at least I can justify those activities…I’m burning calories after all. Over the past year however, I’ve been really conscious about realizing how truly blessed I am, and honestly, even when I complain about the cold, I LOVE the change of seasons. And it’s really just the bitter cold I hate…nothing makes you appreciate 30° like 20 below. So this past week, during our major heat wave when it finally warmed up to 25, I decided to capture some of the really great things about winter…things that I don’t get to see during any other season.

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1. Hellllooo sweaters. And boots. And gloves. And mixing and layering all kinds of fun textures together and it being completely ok and accepted.

Winter Icicles, Icicles Roof, Icicles Photo, Winter Landscapes

2. Icicles. Have you ever really thought about how amazing icicles are? Not to mention, they make everything look gorgeous. It’s like God decorating the outdoors to beautiful precision.

Snowy Branches

3. Prettiness. Toward the end of November and beginning of December, things get, well, really ugly. It’s generally cold (ick), but before that first snowfall, things are just brown and bare. I adore how these white flakes somehow bring delicate life to everything they touch.

Snow 2

4. Serenity Now. While that Seinfeld episode was more like chaos’ attempt at serenity, there is something so peaceful and calming about light puffy piles of snow!

What are your favorite things about winter?