Loving these Eye Makeup Options from Vincent Longo

I’m pretty traditional when it comes to eye makeup. I gravitate toward neutrals, either matte or shimmery, but the colors themselves are usually pretty natural looking. BUT, Vincent Longo has finally convinced me to take a chance (albeit a small one) on items I wouldn’t normally jump at. In particular, their Ginger Lily shade of Starlette Gel Eye Stain. First off, these stains are amaaayzing! Each gel goes on super smooth and offers buildable coverage…they can be super light with more of a transparent feel, or used to make a more noticeable impact with just a few extra strokes. I’ve fallen in love with the Mink Dream shade, a brown malt look with shimmer (obviously), BUT, surprisingly am just as infatuated with the Ginger Lily hue. It’s a corally/orange/coppery color that when worn lightly, brightens eyes lending a summer-like feel. This is a shade I would typically NEVER try. Yet somehow, I’m addicted.

Like I mentioned, all of these options are great for layering and while the Ginger Lily stain I keep a bit more transparent, the Mink Dream option I tend to pile on…not just in layers over itself, but I L-O-V-E love how this looks over other eye-makeup options, especially the Creme Gel Liner, also by Vincent Longo, in Golden Orbit. This highly-pigmented hue is great as a liner but can also be blended into the lid for a metallic goddess feel. And like I said, when a layer of the Mink Dream is applied over the top, it adds even more depth and drama (see the last picture below).

Both of these eye makeup options are gluten and paraben free and long wearing (I’ve worn from morning until evening without any smudging). See the actual colors below…my sample palette shows 2-3 “layers” of color and as mentioned, the bottom pic is Golden Orbit with a layer of Mink Dream over it.

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