7 Cute Shower Caps for Non-Hair Washing Days

I hate to be “that” person, but I totally am. I steal from hotels. Before you dial 911 and send the FBI to my blog, don’t worry, it’s really just the unused toiletries. The lotion for my bag. The shampoo and conditioner for when I travel “home” for a few days. Oh, and the shower caps for when I don’t have the time or energy to wash my hair. It dawned on me the other day that as much as I appreciate having the freebies, the translucent caps really aren’t very me. Not that anyone sees my shower caps, but hey, nothing wrong with feeling your best, even when nobody is there to notice. After I so brilliantly came to this conclusion, I did what anyone would do…took to the internet to find some cute possibilities in shower attire.

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Clockwise from Left:

Henri Bendel Brown and White Shower Cap, $30 │ Ore Originals Living Goods Happy Face Shower Cap, $12 │ Betty Dain Houndstooth Shower Cap, $12 │ Ulta Printed Shower Caps (2 Pack), $4.59 │ Dry Divas Summer Bliss Shower Cap, $30 │ Gilded Rose Studio Red Roses Shower Cap, $20 │ So Pretty Shower Caps Honey Sequin Shower Cap, $25


I’m dying to know – what’s your shower cap style, courtesy the hotel, or “I’m so Fancy…”?


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