Introducing Too Happy Tuesday!

How to be Thankful Everyday, We should be thankful everyday

So I’ve been thinking recently about standard posts and the fact that, well, I want to have them, lol. When I say “thinking,” I literally mean thinking. Before bed, during runs, in the shower, in the car, when I’m doing my “real” work. Literally. A. Lot. Of. Thinking. One thought that kept coming back to me was the fact that I’ve been through a lot in a short number of years. And yet, everyday, even during the hard ones, there was ALWAYS something that made me smile. Always. Always something that made me feel happy to be here…and always something to give me hope that things were changing. Sometimes said things were frivolous fly-by-night moments, other times they held more significance. But either way, it was during those hard times, that I really noticed how good smiling, and happiness in general, felt.

Anyways, fast forward past all of that…say hello to Too Happy Tuesday. My weekly post on what’s making me smile now, what I’m thankful for regardless of how insignificant to others it may seem. Sometimes, these things might need no explanation, other times, I won’t be able to be vague…like in the case of the above spoon and Pearson’s Mint Patties:)

I know what you’re thinking, “how does this spoon make you happy? It’s a spoon.” Fair enough. It is just a spoon…it doesn’t even match my silverware. BUT, this spoon is special.

I worked for a GREAT company for about 4 years before that company was bought out and soon became mediocre. I was a sales rep, working out of a home office. Despite being somewhat isolated from co-workers, I met some of the greatest people – co-workers that through daily phone calls and sales meetings, became life-long friends. Imagine how we felt when the majority of us that came from the “old company,” were fired. Without cause, we were read a Dear-Jane letter…”as of such-and-such date, your services are no longer needed.” God forbid we asked why. They would just start the letter over. And poof. Just like that, us and many more of us, had lives that were turned upside down. Although we were still friends, little did we know we would soon be colleagues again, working for a newer startup, with hands-down the best products on the market, without-a-doubt better than our former employer, now a fearful competitor. Yay us!

So back to the spoon. This past January during our Brand Summit in Dallas, I was running late and needed to visit the business center to use the printer. Except the printer wouldn’t print and instead of enjoying breakfast with my friends, I spent the morning desperately trying to get what I needed. When it was time to head to the meetings (the printer never did work), I stressfully left to meet my friends in the lobby. I was greeted with a banana, muffin, yogurt and this spoon. Forever thankful, I ate every bit of that breakfast and forgot about it until about a month ago.

I was cleaning out my purse and pulled out the spoon. I laughed, thought about throwing it away (it doesn’t match anything after all) but instead washed it and put it with the others. Every once in awhile I randomly pull out that spoon and can’t help but smile. The meeting was fine, but being together again with some of my best friends in the world was THE BEST. I don’t remember the last time I laughed as hard I did that week. Until I cried, until my stomach hurt…I think I came pretty close to peeing a time or two.

So that’s the deal with my spoon. It’s a happy spoon:) The Mint Patties, well, they’re just delicious. I used to buy them instead of the more well-known kind because they were more affordable. But actually, I kinda like them better. So, I still buy them – the perfect treats for my taste buds that serve as a reminder that not everything from that time period should be forgotten.

So there ya go. What’s bringing a smile to your face today?