Tips to Perfectly Blend Two (or More) Nail Colors

Ok, so lately I’ve been ALL about two-tone ombre nails and I finally did my research on how to get this, supposedly easy, look. Opposed to doing a tutorial I thought I’d give all you dolls a few tips on achieving the look once you read or watch the close-to million tutorials out there. All revolve around using a sponge, and, I swear, they make it look so easy. Cut your sponge of choice (kitchen, makeup, etc.) down to a smaller size – basically a little larger than the width of your nails, paint the sponge with your nail colors of choice, and blot your nails to ombre perfection.

It does seem easy, only the first time I tried it, it wasn’t. At best, my nails were a hot mess. Attempt number two, was only slightly better. BUT, but try number three, I was getting the hang of it…FINALLY!

If you’ve tried the multi-tone nail trend and it isn’t working out as easy as you were hoping…learn from my mistakes:

  • Start with shades from the same color family. Your mistakes will barely be noticeable. My first attempt was orange and red. Yikes! Check out the two cute shades below (SoulMate and 24/7) from SinfulColors…they’re perfect together!
  • Use a base color…either one of the shades you’re using in the ombre pattern, or my favorite, white. I’ve tried it both ways and the white keeps all colors true and rich, but play around with it…you might find you like an entire different shade as your base color.
  • Don’t be afraid to get messy. Like really messy. The only way I’ve been able to get my nails to look good with a sponge, is to not worry about the fact that my skin all around my nails is getting painted as well. I just use a Q-Tip and nail polish remover to fix it later.
  • When “painting” the sponge, apply the polish liberally…but not too liberally. Too much will look like you’ve just applied your color with a sponge, lol. There is no blending.
  • Make sure your base coat has dried completely before applying your nail color.
  • I’ve had the most success when I do a blot/roll-of-the-sponge combo. And usually I do 2-3 coats before I really like it.

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Happy Friday everyone…enjoy your weekends!