Too Happy Tuesday: Warm Weather and Long Runs

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Spring can be such a little tease can’t she? One week nothing but sunshine and 70…the next rain and near freezing temperatures. Grrr. Alright Mother Nature, your little games can only last so long…right? According to my sweet little weather app, they’re ending this weekend, with both Saturday and Sunday sunny and warm. Yay!!! For me, that’s perfect running weather, like can’t wait to get out and pound the pavement running weather. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty slow, but there is nothing better than turning my running music on, and the rest of my life off for a nice sweaty 4-5 miles.

I’m thinking I need some new running apps…do you have any favorites? I currently use Charity Miles which I’ll continue to use and Zombies Run! which I’m about done with. It used to have more of a game aspect and now it doesn’t really…although I love the “chases” which demand you pick up your pace for a minute. But, I’m ready for something different. Such tough decisions.

I’m also in need of a new pair of running shoes since my feet have been aching both during and after my workouts. I’m currently wearing the Nike Women’s Air Max Torch 4 and I love them so I’ll likely be getting another pair soon, but maybe another color? Maybe not…I do love my pink ones!

While writing this I totally got sidetracked because I started thinking about music and the fact that I need to download some songs I keep forgetting about…which then led me to wonder what my top 10 favorite running tunes are. I narrowed down my list to the following (in no particular order):

1. Bawitdaba, Kid Rock
2. Empire State of Mind, Jay Z
3. Forever, Chris Brown
4. In My Head, Jason Derulo
5. Never Leave You, Uh Ohh, Lumidee
6. One & Only, Timbaland ft. Fallout Boy
7. One More Night (Remix), Maroon 5
8. Raise Your Glass, Pink
9. Throb, Janet Jackson
10. I’m Real (Murder Remix), J. Lo ft. Ja Rule

I’d love to hear from you…what are your running favorites in the app, shoe and music departments?

Happy Tuesday!