Check Out the New Tampax Pocket Pearl Tampons and Win 3 Free Boxes!

Ahhhh summer…it’s so much easier to be constantly on-the-go these warm-weather months, isn’t it? Brunch with the girls, long runs, days on the beach, curbside drinks, outdoor everything…you get the picture. I love all of these things and miss them beyond measure when winter hits and inches and inches (and inches) of snow bombard us. So, right now, I’m trying to take all of it in and live summer up to the fullest. One thing that can get in the way…my period. Ugh. Even the thought of it makes me cringe. Cramps, being so hungry I could munch on salted cardboard, and having to adjust the size of my bag to make sure I can fit the number of tampons necessary for my day’s or night’s festivities. I mean, seriously, mess with my accessory choices, and I’m not happy.

That said, have you guys heard of the new Pocket Pearl, from Tampax? The applicator extends to keep it small while the protection remains in tact…down to the Built-In Backup­™ Braid which channels leaks back into the core. The packaging is ca-razy cute and I promise…they fit in your smallest clutches, makeup bags and even pockets. I have to say, I never thought the tampon could be reinvented, BUT, I think Tampax did, giving us exactly what we need to get through summer (and back through winter, blech).

Not only can you win three (yes, 3, tres, a trilogy) boxes of tampons below, you can also follow their fun hashtag, #LooksLikeThis, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Jump in on the fun for yourself; let the world know what your life looks like this warm-weather season! Can’t wait to see!!

Reinvent the tampon, √. Come up with the best hashtag ever to let everyone know you’ve reinvented the tampon, √. Tampax is kinda killin’ it this summer, huh?

Without further ado…my amazing life #LooksLikeThis equipped with these perfect beach option accessories!

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As mentioned, it’s easy to win a few boxes of Tampax Pocket Pearl Tampons for yourself this summer, just by following the below instructions, where you can earn up to 5 entries!


Good luck loves, can’t wait to read about how you’ll be spending your summer days and nights!



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