Five O’Clock Friday: White Wine Spritzer

There is just something about warm weather than makes entertaining the norm, right? The only problem is making sure you have food and beverage options on hand for those spur-of-the-moment get-togethers. I hate feeling like I need to rush to the store to buy a treasure trove of groceries just to have a fun evening of socializing…who has time for that? That said,  I love this inexpensive White Wine Spritzer easy-peasy recipe I found at Martha Stuart. While I’m sure the melon’s Martha used (she is Martha Stuart after all), taste delightful with her rendition served over ice, I like to eliminate the ice and instead freeze a few strawberries and peach slices (it takes no time!). And the best part? The sliced fruit you get to snack on when your glass is empty! Which practically makes this healthy right???

Ingredients (Single Serving):

5 oz. Chilled White Wine
3 oz. Chilled Club Soda
2-3 Peach Slices
2-3 Strawberries, sliced in half

Place frozen fruit in glass. Add wine and club soda. Serve immediately.

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Enjoy the weekend!