Too Happy Tuesday and 5 Things

Best new shoes for summer, Good low fat ice cream, what nail color should I be wearing

Happy happy Tuesday! My week is so busy that I’m already counting down for the weekend, BUT, I do have my favorites helping me push through until Saturday:

  1. Truth be told, ice cream is probably one of my favorites regardless of the week or even the season, but it’s so much more on-point during the summer! I’ve always been a cookies ‘n cream kind of gal and I love Edy’s Slow Churned and 1/2 the Fat from Breyer’s options. And I’ll never argue with a few less calories:)
  2. These Nike’s for a day of play and these Steve Madden Lace Up Sandals for a night of fun!
  3. This Black and Decker drill! I know, weird right? But, my dad got this for me last Christmas and as it turns out, I love it. And I use it ALL the time…I’m not sure how I did any decorating without it. He also got me a drill bit set, which I use with it regularly.
  4. Younger. Are you watching it? OMG, the season finale is tonight and I’m so sad, lol. It’s a cross between Sex and the City and Friends. With a twist of Maid in Manhattan. So make sure you catch up On Demand or Netflix or whatever it is you kids are watching these days!
  5. SinfulColors in Color Tag. It’s such a fun overlay perfect with their summer shades. Stay tuned…a review is coming later!

Enjoy the rest of your week!