July Beauty Box 5 Review: Summer Night Out

I have to say, I get through cold, miserable winter months, just for July. I just love this month! I love the weather, I love the fact that there’s always something happening, I love the quiet mornings, outdoors runs, open toe shoes…I love July! And yes, I know this isn’t the only month where are all of these things are going on, it just happens to be my favorite. Beauty Box 5 must have caught wind of this little fact about me, because their July Box, Summer Night Out, was perfection…full of beauty products perfect for one of many nights (or days) out and about. I swear they make primping so much fun!

Beauty Box 5 July 2015 Review 

Ofra Lip Gloss in Nude, Ofra Lipliner in Babydoll

Best Nude Lip Liner, Best Nude Lip Gloss

Nanacoco Nail Polish in Never Ending Fairytale, Best Hot Pink Nail Polish

Love Life Skin Collection Review

Purlisse Flash Tattoos, Temporary Jewelry Tattoos

Ofra Lip Gloss in Apricot Dream (Full Size, $12.95): Assorted colors were given but I’m loving this shade to wear alone or literally over any other hue for instant impact. It’s full of shimmer, making the perfect compliment to skin with a summer glow.

Ofra Lipliner in Baby Doll (Full Size, $13): I don’t know what’s been going on, but over the past year I’ve been lining, well, more like covering my lips, with lipliner. I love how it sticks in place and creates a just-right canvas for creamier sticks or glosses. I’ll wear this as a stand-alone hue (with just a bit of gloss), but I can’t wait to see what it looks like under my favorite reds and pinks!

Nanacoco Nail Polish in Never Ending Fairytale (Full Size, $3): Again assorted shades were given but I’m tickled pink (pun intended) with this hue: A) the name alone is adorable…it could probably be the ugliest color in the world, and I’d buy it just for that name, and B) it’s (thankfully) not the ugliest shade in the world but instead the prettiest looking bubblegum pink…if bubblegum was iridescent:) Seriously, minutes after I opened the box, I was painting my nails. It’s perfect for summer!

Love Life Skin Intensive Recovery Serum and Restorative Night Cream (Samples, $2.12-$3; Full Size $25-$30): I love that this line was created to help sooth the sensitive skin of chemotherapy patients; it warms my heart that lines are thinking of the many people needing extremely delicate care for hurting skin. I’ll likely tuck these away for some weekend trips as they’ll make perfect travel companions.

Pur~lisse Flash Tattoos (1 Sheet, $9): I have to say this was such a pleasant surprise since I didn’t realize Pur~lisse, one of my fave skincare lines, even made these gems! I can’t wait to decorate my skin with these temporary skin jewels. L-O-V-E love!

The total value of the July Beauty Box 5 was about $40.07 for a savings of between $28.07 and $31.82! Wow!

New members can sign up for Beauty Box 5 three different ways:

  1. By the Month – $12/Box
  2. By the Quarter – $30/3 Boxes ($10/Box)
  3. By the Year – $99/12 Boxes ($8.25/Box)

The July Beauty Box 5 was another hit for me. I keeping thinking once of these boxes is certain to disappoint but I continue to love them:) If you are not a current subscriber, sign up before month’s end to snag this fab July box! If you’re already a subscriber, I’m dying to know what your favorite was from July!




**I’m so fortunate to be a Beauty Contributor for Beauty Box 5 and as such, did receive a complimentary July Beauty Box 5 to review. Opinions my own.