New Product Alert: 0% Damage to Hair After Styling with The Fix from White Sands

Porosity The Fix

OMGoodness you guys…I have such a fear of ruining my hair EVERY SINGLE TIME I run any kind of iron through it. Flat, curling, it doesn’t matter, I always envision ends exploding in splits. Now of course, this has never happened as the truth is, I generally have pretty healthy hair (probably due to the fact I’ve not once ever colored or highlighted it), but, I still have that fear. And right before haircuts or during really cold spells, my hair doesn’t look or feel so healthy. So hearing about White Sands Hair Care’s The Fix, has me completely intrigued. I’ve not tried it so this isn’t a post about recommendations, but for any of you who fear damage, or already are suffering damage from color, chlorine, over-styling or the abundance of other factors that cause damage, this is most definitely worth looking into.

These are the facts: completely healthy hair burns at just over 450 degrees. Damaged hair, can’t take that heat, and can burn at temperatures as low as 250 degrees. Most flat irons automatically turn on to 400 degrees. Meaning, you can choose to really injure your tresses, or you can just not style at all (gasp!).

The Fix was recently found to demonstrate the ability to protect hair from thermal damage at 450 degrees, with hair showing NO damage from a flat iron. An added bonus? The same study showed that hair treated with The Fix showed 152% shine improvement over untreated hair. Besides a heat protector, The Fix can be used on wet or dry hair as a detangler and blowout booster for quicker styling times.

The fix (and it’s gorgeous bottle) retails for $19.40 at

Happy (and healthy!) styling!