Too Happy Tuesday (+ a Day) and 5 Things

Green River Pop, Green River Soda

Sooo, I’m not sure if it’s because of the upcoming holiday or what…but all week, I’ve had no idea what day it actually is. Which is probably why I’m posting my 5 Things the day after I usually do. Whoops! Better late than never, right? Anyways, who else is beyond excited for the 4th? I’m not even sure what I’m doing at this point, but I know I’ll be with family or friends and that’s really all that matters. And with that, here are five favorites I’m currently loving:

  1. Green Rivers. I feel like hardly anyone has ever even heard of these old-fashioned drinks, and whenever anyone looks at me strange when I talk about them, I look at them strange, like, how have you never had a green river? They kind of taste like a green Fla-Vor-Ice, but fizzy, so basically Green Fla-Vor-Ice pop. You can typically find them at old-fashioned burger joints or soda fountains and I highly recommend them:)
  2. This Tweet from Cynthia Rowley. Ok, so every once in while this design genius will like some of my Instagram photos, which of course makes my day. When I mentioned it on Twitter yesterday, she tweeted back, which, of course, made my day even more!
  3. These Adidas Hi-Tops. Does anyone else remember the Alyssa Milano ad featuring gold Adidas hi-tops with red stripes? OMGoodness, I wanted those in the worst way! These remind me so much of them, I might need to invest in a pair!
  4. Sargento Balanced Breaks. Have you tried these yet? So so tasty (I’ve only had the White Cheddar with Almonds and Cranberries) and way better than chips or crackers.
  5. Independence Day! I’m proud to be an American every single day, but even more so during the month of July when small towns line the streets with flags, fireworks are lit to celebrate, some of the best food made all summer is served on July 4th and wonderful memories are made. Happy birthday America!!!

Hope you all are enjoying the week!