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Hey loves! Just a quick quick note to chat Bloglovin’…are you on it? When I talk to my friends about it, many of them don’t know what it is, so if you don’t either, let me tell you about it and why you should be:)

Think of Bloglovin’ as the offspring of Facebook and Pinterest – minus the necessary social media aspect of it…you actually don’t have to post a thing! You simply follow your favorite blogs (like 24-7 Style of course!) and when you have the chance, open your feed. The blogs you follow pop neatly up in a sweet little feed (like Facebook) where you can easily read them or even “save” them into organized boards or folders (like Pinterest). It’s such an amazing community full of bloggers in all sorts of genres…fashion, beauty, DIY, cooking, fitness, photography, etc…I promise you’ll love it:)

Thank you ahead of time for the follow…with that, although we’re a few days into August, I wanted to bring you a few of my favorite pics from July outfit posts…I’ve ranked them 4-1 according to my favorite, which one is yours?

How to Mix Brights in the same outfit

From Bright On, I love this location, but love even more how my brights match the floral brights in the this park:)



I hate when people think you have to spend a fortune on entire new wardrobes to look good. Each and every piece I was wearing in this Romantic Lace post, was way old (like years). That said, I’d never worn them together until I was planning for this post.


Cute country look women

Location, location, location! This is from my Home post, taken, at “home” on a recent visit…it’s so peaceful there and I can’t help but be happy when I’m visiting:)


How to Wear all white women

The easy winner for me…just because it’s so “me.” I love this salt-and-pepper look because it’s actually created with a few basic pieces – I know for some those shoes aren’t necessarily “basic,” lol – but basic black pumps would have the same effect.


Hope your days have been amazing!