July Instagram

Soooo lovelies…July is over:( While so many people are complaining about the heat, I’m the one looking at them all crazy like, “Hello McFly…remember winter? Snowing, blowing, 20 below zero, heat bills that could buy several pair of shoes winter?” No thank you! I’ll sweat out summer with a smile on my face! Anyways, since the month is over, I thought I’d do a quick recap of my Instagram July posts. IG is by far my favorite app…I could seriously spend hours searching tags and peeking into the lives of others. It almost sounds voyeuristic…but, that’s what it’s there for so whatevs:) Anyhow, if you’re on Instagram I’d love for you to follow me at Laura_Yoder – thank you in advance!

Sweater and Shorts

OMGosh guys, July started off COLD! This was July 1st…I was wearing a sweater. IN JULY!

July 4th

Some friends and I went for a walk on July 3rd and it was so sweet to see everyone with their American flags out. Happy Birthday USA!


We have the most amazing cupcake place just a couple of blocks away…their confections are almost like works of art. The above was their Everyone Loves Jell-O flavor.


To me there is nothing better than outdoor dining…I snapped this while waiting for lunch (outdoors of course).


When I’m doing outfit shoots, I love to try different angles and things. This was a shot from my Bright On post.


I loved how this outfit came together…I’ve had each piece for ages!

Ice Cream

A few of the cheerleaders I coach did a camp for a local high school. After our first day, we got ice cream. The sprinkles I had them put on my cone were shimmery…so cute!


This is from my “Home” post taken on the road I grew up on…yes, it’s dirt. No, you don’t see any neighbors. It’s my very favorite place on earth:)


Nothing is better than an early summer morning! I love sipping my coffee on the deck, catching up on my Bloglovin’ feed, and just existing in the sweet silence before the rest of the world wakes up and the day’s craziness starts.


My sweet niece got braces this week…I don’t post a ton of super personal pics on IG, but I thought she could use a little extra love since her teeth were hurting:(


See you on IG dolls!