Leopard (Grrr, Baby!)

Happy Monday everyone! Wow! The first week of August! How did that happen?!? We’ll oh-so-soon be trading the grill for the crockpot and our sandals for boots. But for now I’m soaking up all summer has left for us…which brings me to a sidebar on today’s outfit…I was supposed to take these pics at the beach. But, “my alarm didn’t go off.” That’s the standard excuse I give when my alarm really did go off, I just couldn’t get my butt out of bed and instead fell back asleep. I’ve accepted that one of my major faults is getting up. Don’t get me wrong, I love mornings, but it is so difficult for to actually wake up! And…in terms of faults, that’s not such a bad one, right?

Anyways, there are two major goodies I want to point out below:

1) The FABULOUS handmade leather sunglass case from MEKU! I can’t tell you how many scratches my lenses have on them because when I take them off to go indoors, I throw them in my bag. And since, unfortunately, I do carry of plentitude of things in my bag, they inevitably end up with scratches. I love this Light Brown color, but the case is available in a variety of other shades, and comes with either a buckle or flap closure.

2) I also received an advanced copy of People StyleWatch’s latest book, Your Ultimate Guide to Style: Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Getting Your Best Look Ever! You guys, the official release date is August 11th and I highly recommend getting a copy:) I took the initial quiz, just for fun and laughed out loud when I found out my style was “Glam” and the celeb it was equated with was one Jennifer Lopez. Now, if you know me at all, you know J. Lo’s my girl, and I’ve always LOVED her style! People StyleWatch is my favorite magazine and I think anyone who’s into fashion, even a little, will appreciate the variety of outfit combos plus all of the tips and tricks you need to achieve your favorite style. L-O-V-E LOVE IT!

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Get the Look:

Sunglass Case c/o Meku │ Your Ultimate Guide to Style c/o People Style Watch │ Dress, Similar │ Shoes, Similar │ Necklace, Similar │ Cuff, Similar │ Wood Bangles, Similar │ Feather Bangle, Old Navy, In-Store Only │ Vintage Dooney & Bourke Bag, Similar


I just recently bought the dress and shoes on clearance and they are already gone! BUT, I think you’ll find the similar pieces I found to replace them equally cute:) Enjoy your week loves!!