Too Happy Tuesday/5 Things

Frayed Denim Jeans, Nicka K Makeup Review, Sinful Colors Review

Happy Tuesday everyone, hope your week’s are off to a great start:) I had every intention of painting some trim in my living room tonight, but the later it gets, the more I think tomorrow might be a better day for that. Plus, it’s way more fun to share some of the things I’m currently loving:

  1. Frayed Denim. I can’t get enough of it…shorts, jeans, more jeans…the intentional deconstruction somehow just works for me right now.
  2. Nicka K Hydro Lipstick in Daring. I know I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth mentioning again since it’s all I want to wear! This was included in a Beauty Box 5 box forever ago, and while I’ve always liked it, lately, I LOVE it!
  3. SinfulColors in Black on Black. This is such a perfectly chic shade, it’s hard for me to grab anything else. It also makes for just right accents to any DIY nail art you’re wanting to try.
  4. The San Diego Zoo’s Instagram Account. I’m such a sucker for cute animals and I swear they post the cutest pics and videos. Yesterday they posted a video of Mr. Wu the Panda celebrating his 3rd birthday…it had me convinced I probably need a panda in my life. Or, at least a trip to the zoo.
  5. A Houseboat Vacation. This time of year, all I really want is a day off, and nothing sounds better than grabbing a few friends and just relaxing a little bit. Check out this, this or that.

Thanks for reading:)